Jerry and Sandy,

We recently spent 8 days in your glorious Casa Delfin and I wish to express to the both of you how the Villa exceeded our already high expectations. Words cannot express the beauty of your home, the panoramic view and the first class manor in which we were treated by the staff, Margarita, Julian and daughters. I have been going to Mexico almost every year for 28 years and I have finally found the piece of heaven I was searching for. I can still recall my first trip to Acapulco in early 1977 and gazing up to the Las Brisas area and wishing one day I would have the opportunity to stay in one of the those Villas. Well that wish finally came true and it was everything I dreamed of and more. Although no one in our group spoke Spanish we had little difficulty communicating with Margarita and Julian due to their warm, loving and patient nature. My girl friend Dianna kept saying we had to bring them back home with us because we did not how we were going to live without Margarita’s fabulous cooking and Julian’s bartending skills and attentiveness. I should mention that I kept the Villa a secret from Dianna until we walked up the stairs to Casa Delfin where upon seeing the house, pool and view she shed tears of joy after I said this is our home for the next 8 days. Our whole group was in shock during the first few hours thinking this must be a dream!  Thank you so much for the Champaign upon our arrival, that was very classy and added so much to the moment! We look forward to going back and enjoying this slice of heaven in the near future if you will have us. Again, thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime and pass on our kudos and warmest wishes to Margarita, Julian and family.

Yours truly,       

Guy de Champlain and Dianna Ferris

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Jerry and Sandy.

WHAT A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

I was just getting ready to email you when I got your email.

We got home this morning at 3:00 A.M. with 3 degrees on the thermometer. Was about 91 in Acapulco.

The girls at the villa are absolutely fabulous. The meals and the expert presentation of the dishes was beyond words. The Villa is stunningly beautiful. It is hard to believe the beauty of the area and we are looking at the pictures to make sure that it wasn't only a dream. We did not do that much dining out. The girls did such a marvelous job at the villa that it was hard to believe it could be any better at a restaurant. We did go to the hotel area for noon lunch and to the lagoon for a ride and ate at Tres Marias. It was very enjoyable.

The driver that Vio supplied us with was absolutely great. I don't know if you have ever used him with any other clients but he is charming and so very helpful. His name is Alejandro Sanchez Mendoza. Had a great van, very clean and was most cooperative with anything we wanted to do. Also very affordable. He said to tell you that he is very anxious to help if you have other clients that need that service.

The fishing, went for 2 days, was great. We charter with Blue Water Fishing Charter, Jesus Osorio was the captain both days. Day one on Monday we caught 2 Dorado. Had a great time. We went back on Wednesday, men only, caught 5 Dorado and 5 wonderful Sailfish. What a great experience. Had 2 sail fish on at the same time twice that day. Got a lot of it on tape. Lots of pictures.

Alejandro showed us where your new home was from the road. We also found it the next day as we were returning from the fishing trip. Looks like an awesome location. Bet you can't wait to move in to it. Will be a great view.

All in all, as you can tell, we are absolutely wired about the experience. The friends we took with us were so impressed with the area and especially Casa Delfin!!

Barb and I want to thank you for making such a great facility available for us and for donating it to so many worthy charities. Everyone is a winner. Now I will know what I am talking about when it comes up again on an auction.

Once again, Thank you so much.


Randy Ruhter

From: Pat Egan []
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 10:53 PM
To: Jerry Spady
Cc: Carol Peterson
Subject: Egan rental comments

Hola Jerry and Sandy,

    WOW!!!!  We thought about leaving this as our only thought since it really sums up our 12 day stay at our now beloved Casa Del Fin.  It is only today, six days after our return, that the magic of Casa Del Fin has subsided enough to put together some  coherent thoughts.  Cathy and I are veteran international travelers and thought we had had stayed at some of the nicest places that the Four Seasons, Ritz and Villa owners around the world could offer, but CDF is in a class by itself.  We can not say enough about Julian and Margarita.  They are absolutely the most charming and accommodating couple it has been our pleasure to be associated with.  Margarita's cooking is Mobil  5 Star, and if possible her food presentation is a notch above that.  Julian absolutely refused to let us do any mundane items, such as blowing up a life raft, or carrying groceries.  His expertise behind the bar I can assure you will soon be legendary, if not already so.  His stint as a cliff diver at La Queered had us spellbound, and if there was a fault to be found, one morning the coffee was not ready until 705  AM! I can still smell the aroma of that first cup fresh brewed coffee as I watched Acapulco rub the sleep out its eyes and come to life each day.  The side trips were exactly as you described.  Tres Marias BBQ chicken  outclasses any  BBQ of any kind period.  Of course when we went fishing, each party member landed a Sailfish,  thanks to Chuy, Gilligan and Bluewater charters, but we knew the CDF magic would work aboard Aventuras, just as it had worked its spell on the weather.  One last thought and this goes to Margarita, it is really not necessary to have my swimming trunks cleaned and ironed each day.  As the cruise ship slogan goes, " I am only in temporary exile from Casa Del Fin."  

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home  

Pat and Cathy Egan 


Nuevamente gracias por todas las atenciones. Entiendo que Ud. no participó en forma completa en la negociación de esta renta, pero le queremos agradecer de cualquier modo las atenciones que ha tenido con nosotros.

Así mismo, quisiera que haga extensivo nuestro agradecimiento al personal de "Casa Delfín" y a sus propietarios por el excelente servicio que nos brindaron y la comida tan rica que nos hicieron.

Espero su comunicado respecto a las llaves y me reitero a sus órdenes.


Jorge Cuesta del Castillo.




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